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Just How Well Does FBX-VIVID™ Work With Polyester? WOW!

FBX-VIVID™ Pretreatment – 100% Polyester Test

One of the best results we’ve yet to see with CMYK printing onto Polyester. Our NEW FBX-VIVID™ Light Garment Pretreatment (Launching Soon) has been getting us incredibly vibrant CMYK prints on 100% Cotton & Blends and has shown the best washability by far!

The Results

We’ve just finished testing with 100% Polyester apparel and the results are drastic. See for yourself with the two pictures below.
The First Photo – Pretreated with FBX-VIVID™ on a 100% polyester Sport Tech® shirt printed with a Brother® GT-381™
The Second Photo –  Non pretreated 100% polyester Sport Tech® shirt printed with a Brother® GT-381™

FBX-VIVID Pretreatment on 100% Polyester Sport Tech® shirt Printer with a Brother® GT-381™
FBX-VIVID Pretreatment on 100% Polyester Sport Tech® shirt Printer with a Brother® GT-381™ / After Wash
Non Pretreated 100% Polyester Sport Tech® shirt Printer with a Brother® GT-381™
Non Pretreated 100% Polyester Sport Tech® shirt Printer with a Brother® GT-381™ / After Wash



Print Test Video Of FBX-VIVID™ Printed onto 100% Polyester.

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FBX-100™ Pretreatment For Brother® Printers

NEW FBX-100™ (Brother® Optimized)

We’ve optimized our 5 Star Rated Non-Staining FBX-100™ Pretreatment for Brother® Printers and the results are a must see!

Same Great Features, But Optimized for your Brother® Printer!

• Maximum White Ink Opacity for vibrant DTG prints, 33% brighter than other pretreatment brands

Non-Staining DTG Pretreatment on BOTH Dark AND Light Colored Garments (Patent-pending)

• Advanced Washability, protects from color fade and fibers from unraveling (minimal “fibrillation”)

• Apply LESS, Get MORE, use 50% less pretreatment than other brands to obtain optimal color

• Wide-Open Application Window, easy to use and repeat perfect prints with excellent wash

• Incredibly soft hand feel, does not “starch” the t-shirt

• Compatible with many garments, apply to 100% Cotton, and Polyester Blends with FIREBIRD Ink

• Versatile Curing Methods: heat press, conveyor dryer, hang dry

• Long Shelf-Life, guaranteed for use up to one and a half years from date of manufacture

• Easy To Use, no shaking is required since FBX-100 does not settle or develop chunks of solids

• PROFITABLE, FBX-100 is the best deal in DTG

• Money-Back-Guarantee: Try FBX-100 and let FIREBIRD Ink prove the above benefits to you and your DTG business

• Low Odor

Buy Now –

See The Brother® Optimized FBX-100™ Pretreatment



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The All NEW Light Garment Pretreatment

We’ve created an all new light garment pretreatment that’ll blow you away. We’ve improved everything! The New formulation allows inks to absorb longer to shirts and boosts CMYK vibrancy, optimizing clarity!  ​

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  washcarIncredible Washability

FBX-VIVID performs better than any pretreatment we’ve tested when it comes to washability. Wash after wash, our prints still look amazing and there is little to no loss of ink! The test show below is a side by side comparison of FBX-VIVID pretreatment and another brand pretreatment.

max-vib20150701_193634Maximized CMYK Vibrancy

We’ve designed FBX-VIVID to boost vibrancy to an entire new level! When tested against other brand pretreatments, the difference FBX-VIVID made was clear! See for yourself in this vibrant print test below.

clarityclarityOptimized Clarity

Another obstacle of pretreatment is keeping the ink in place. We’ve optimized the bond of FBX-VIVID pretreatment guaranteeing crisp and clear prints. Take a look at this side by side and you can see how crisp FBX-VIVID can make your print.

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New Website Launch


New FIREBIRD Ink Website Launch

Good Afternoon reader, We’ve been working hard to create a new web look with advanced features we are certain you will enjoy. These features will give you more control of your ordering process allowing us to better serve you. Additionally, we have expanded our site to provide you with better product support through our extended DTG knowledge base and blog posts.

New Features

• Advanced DTG Knowledge Base
• Tips, Tricks, & Instructions For Use
• Easy To Use And Mobile Friendly
• Modern Customized User Profiles
• Weekly Blog Posts and Newsletters

Existing FIREBIRD Ink Customers

For our customers that had existing online accounts, your old information has been transferred and your new account has been created. You should have received or will soon be receiving an email with your new username & password.

Questions on Logging in?

If you run into any issues or have any questions you may call us at 1(203)306-2988 or email us at: Also you can instant chat us when you click the “Chat With Us” button in the bottom righthand corner of our website.