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FB2Go Polyester Pretreated Shirts FAQ

What are FB2Go™ shirts?

FB2Go is a 100% polyester pretreated shirt meant for Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing. Because the whole shirt is pretreated, it is possible to print anywhere on the garment.

Why do I need FB2Go™?

Polyester printing has been called the Holy Grail of DTG. This fabric is unable to withstand the heat necessary to cure most inks without discoloring. Worse, polyester is woven in a way that prevents ink and pretreat from adhering to the shirt, making prints impossible to wash. In conjunction with a custom printing process, FB2Go™ shirts have been specially processed to prevent these issues. This pretreat and process is not available in other forms.

What printers are compatible with FB2Go?

Currently, only the Brother GTX™ and Epson F2000/F2100™ printers have been found to be compatible with FB2Go.* We cannot guarantee results on other printers or third party inks.

What colors and sizes are available?

We offer Black, Scarlet, and Royal Blue in sizes ranging from Small to Extra-Large. Custom colors and sizes are available for any shirt offered on this page.

How can I place a custom order?

Custom orders should contain a minimum of 72 pieces of each color. Submit a request to this page or email for an answer by the end of the next business day. Pricing is based on the total number of pieces ordered.

Are other sizes available?

Yes! Women’s XS-2XL, Youth, and men’s S-3XL sizes are available for custom order. 

Can I try an FB2Go before buying?

Like most of our products, we can offer a sample of FB2Go™ for first time users. Leave a note on any order you place with us to request one, or email us at

*Epson F2000™ is a registered trademark of Epson Seiko Corporation and does not produce, approve of, or warranty this product. Brother® GTX™ is a registered trademark of Brother International Corporation and does not produce, approve of, or warranty this product.