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FIREBIRD’s Best Picks for the GTX™

GTX™ Optimized FBX-100 Pretreatment

With over 100,000 gallons of pretreatment made last year, FIREBIRD coming out with a GTX™ specific formula was inevitable. After all, our F2000™ and GT3™ Optimized Pretreatments were already popular and effective. What surprised even us was just how well our newest pretreat works with the newest line from Brother. FIREBIRD’s GTX™ Optimized Pretreatment costs less, requires less spray on a shirt, and gives images that added quality missing in other brands. With no need to dilute, no possibility of settling, and a wide range of available settings, this is also an incredibly easy pretreat to use. Overall, GTX™ Optimized is a must have for Brother users.

GTX™ Optimized Cleaning Solution

FIREBIRD has also introduced an improved method for internal cleanings. The GTX™ requires the operator to remove gunked up inks from the printer’s inner workings. These cleanings are a long, frustrating process that waste ink. To help deal with this, FIREBIRD now offers an improved Cleaning Solution for these cycles. This cleaner is more effective at breaking up dried ink. With less time spent trying to scraping away at your printer, you should need fewer auto cleanings. This in turn means less time and ink wasted during your maintenance.

FBX-VIVID Light Garment Pretreatment

It’s common for shops to avoid pretreating CMYK only prints, but the difference in quality is impossible to ignore. A light garment pretreat, like FBX-VIVID, adds serious vibrancy and wash fastness to your shirts. VIVID is also a must-have if you plan to print onto something with any amount of polyester in the fabric. This saves time and ink while printing. Using VIVID means that your GTX™ will not need to perform a double pass of CMYK.

FBX-VIVID Printed Tote Bag
A tote bag printed with FBX-VIVID.

Pretreatment Cleaning Solution (PCS)

The GTX™ is an industrial machine. The biggest shops will buy the GTX™ by the dozen to crank out thousands of shirts. Even single printer shops should be doing jobs every single day to even consider this printer. With this sheer volume of work, your pretreatment sprayer may suffer. Nozzles can become clogged and spray patterns on shirts can be uneven. Where you would otherwise have to replace parts, FIREBIRD’s Pretreatment Cleaning Solution can salvage sprayers. PCS can be used on anything affected by pretreat gunk and stickiness. You can use it for soaking nozzles, purging lines, and even wiping up spilled pretreat. Adding Pretreatment Cleaning Solution is one of the best ways to keep your sprayer running.

*Brother GTX™ is a registered trademark of Brother International Corporation and has not produced, endorsed, warrantied, or approved of these products.

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