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GTX Users: Your First Gallon of Pretreatment is on FIREBIRD

We have ended this offer. Please contact for sample requests.

As an introductory special, Brother GTX owners receive a free gallon of FIREBIRD GTX™ Optimized Pretreatment.* To take advantage of this offer, send a picture of your GTX setup to Be sure to include your shipping address and company name to receive this gift. This offer is valid to January 2018 and will ship totally free.

FIREBIRD’s newly formulated pretreatment offers excellent white ink vibrancy and eliminates problems typical of pretreatment, like staining or discoloration. With a wide application window, no need to dilute, and no need to shake, this is one of the easiest pretreats available. The GTX™ Optimized Pretreatment is also up to 40% less expensive than other brands.

FIREBIRD FBX-100 GTX™ Optimized Pretreatment Offers

  • Up to 20% less pretreat needed per garment
  • Less sticking on hands and heat presses
  • Exceptional wash results

Brother™ DTG printers have proven to be some of the most reliable machines on the market. Many of their original GT-541s and GT-782s are still running in print shops around the world. The last generation, Brother’s GT-3 series, was popular with more than just the average user. Some of the largest DTG facilities own dozens of GT-381s. FIREBIRD will continue to offer pretreat specific to these printers, but we’re excited for the newest updates with the GTX™.

This offer ends soon, so be sure to get your free pretreatment today!


*Bonus Update*

GTX™ users can also include a picture of their automatic pretreatment sprayer to receive a bottle of PCS Cleaning Solution! This solution can break up clogs, restore nozzles, and remove sticky residue from your pretreat spraying machine.



*Brother is a registered trademark of Brother International Corporation and does not produce, warranty, or approve of this product. Free shipping available within the US only.

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