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Introducing FIREBIRD FB2Go 100% Polyester White Shirts

F2000 100% White Polyester - FB2Go
Printed on an F2000™. Photo courtesy of Breakthrough Clothing.

Polyester is possibly the most difficult fabric to work with in Direct To Garment printing. While cotton prints can be reliably produced for customers, print shops must worry about staining, ink bleeding, and poor washes on poly prints. FIREBIRD has been working to resolve this issue for some time and is proud to announce the first step for polyester printing, FB2Go White Shirts. These 100% polyester shirts have been fully pretreated and are ready for top quality prints. FB2Go does not suffer from the many poor effects that printers have come to expect from printing onto polyester.


FIREBIRD is well known as an industry leader in Direct to Garment ink and pretreatment for cotton shirts, but has more recently begun to focus on expanding into polyester printing. FB2Go allows users to print onto poly by specially treating A4 shirts with a version of FIREBIRD’s Pretreatment. A4 is a high quality garment brand known for their durability and comfort. Blending this with the eye-catching vibrancy and reliability of FIREBIRD allows for top quality shirts with incredible prints.


FB2Go White Shirts can be used by almost every major brand of printer and will not need special ink to use. While past methods of polyester printing have  either failed to be fully DTG printed or caused major issues, these garments have been specially formulated for ease of use. FB2Go will reliably wash well, avoid pretreatment boxes, and prevent ink bleeding.


FB2Go White Shirts shortly are now available, with more colors to follow. Be sure to check out the FIREBIRD Facebook page for news, updates, and a first look at the future of DTG printing.

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