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Introducing FIREBIRD Tube Wash Compatible with the Epson® F2000

The F2000 was released as the first Direct to Garment specific printer from Epson®, a company whose converted photo printers kick started DTG more than a decade ago. While such a large printer manufacturer was able to quickly establish itself as an industry leader, the F2000 was held back by a monthly tube cleaning that could easily waste over $100 in ink. This was eventually replaced by the use of a special cleaning fluid to be used daily at a much lower cost. Now, FIREBIRD has reduced this cost even further.


F2000 Maintenance Solution
FIREBIRD Tube Wash in action.

The new FIREBIRD Tube Wash is fully compatible with the Epson® made version and follows the same steps that F2000 owners are used to.* Additionally, FIREBIRD offers the same amount of cleaning fluid for up to 45% less. Users can expect to make the change easily with no need to adjust their cleaning routine to accommodate a new product.


*F2000 is a registered trademark of Epson Seiko Corporation. Epson Seiko Corporation does not produce, warranty, or approve of this product.

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