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The All NEW Light Garment Pretreatment

We’ve created an all new light garment pretreatment that’ll blow you away. We’ve improved everything! The New formulation allows inks to absorb longer to shirts and boosts CMYK vibrancy, optimizing clarity!  ​

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  washcarIncredible Washability

FBX-VIVID performs better than any pretreatment we’ve tested when it comes to washability. Wash after wash, our prints still look amazing and there is little to no loss of ink! The test show below is a side by side comparison of FBX-VIVID pretreatment and another brand pretreatment.

max-vib20150701_193634Maximized CMYK Vibrancy

We’ve designed FBX-VIVID to boost vibrancy to an entire new level! When tested against other brand pretreatments, the difference FBX-VIVID made was clear! See for yourself in this vibrant print test below.

clarityclarityOptimized Clarity

Another obstacle of pretreatment is keeping the ink in place. We’ve optimized the bond of FBX-VIVID pretreatment guaranteeing crisp and clear prints. Take a look at this side by side and you can see how crisp FBX-VIVID can make your print.

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