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Spectro 1 Pro Portable Spectrophotometer


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About Spectro 1 Pro

Spectro 1 Pro is a compact, affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial level. Using patented and patent-pending technology, Spectro 1 Pro delivers accuracy and repeatability comparable to expensive benchtop spectrophotometers for a fraction of the price.

App compatible, Bluetooth enabled, Spectro 1 Pro is backed by one of the most powerful cloud management systems in the industry - Variable Cloud.

We combined Spectro 1 Pro's compact, portable design with patent pending technology to design a convenient, efficient, and exact color matching system that is smartphone compatible for untethered color measurement.

Unlike standard issue colorimeters on the market, Spectro 1 Pro uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data for every scan.

  • Connect to Spectro App and wirelessly scan colors via Bluetooth
  • Save and export spectral curve data in 10 nm increments between 400 - 700 nm
  • Create and store standards through Saved Colors feature in the Spectro App
  • Compare samples against your standards with intuitive user interface
  • View spectral curves and Lab values for scanned colors
  • View matches under 4 different light sources including: A, F2, D50, and D65
  • Backup data to the Variable Cloud color management system
  • Share or export scans, matches, and folders

Repeatability (Short Term):
0.05 ∆E00

Inter-Instrument Agreement (32 Ceramic Tiles):
0.3 ∆E00 Average / 0.5 ∆E00 Max

Optical Geometry (Specular Included):
Diffused / 0

Illumination Types:
A, F2, D50, D65

2 Degree & 10 Degree

Measurement Size:
8mm Diameter

Battery Capacity:
200 mAh (-250 Scans) Per Recharge

Spectral Interval / Range:
10 nm / 400 - 700 nm

Light Source:
Full Spectrum LEDs

Measurement Time:
1.5 Seconds

Illuminate Life:
(500+ Hours) 1,000,000+ Scans