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Which Pretreatment is Right for You?

In addition to the original
FBX-100 Universal, FIREBIRD Digital Inks recently launched the FBX-100 F2000™ Optimized and FBX-100 Brother® Optimized pretreatments. While all of our pretreatments have some universal features, such as minimal staining and the ability to never settle, each pretreatment has been formulated to generate the best direct-to-garment print specific to the printer that you own.


FBX-100 F2000™ Optimized

If you own an Epson F2000™ printer, the FBX-100 F2000™ Optimized Pretreatment is our recommendation. Like all of the FBX-100 family, this pretreat offers much less staining than other brands while maximizing print quality. In the case of the F2000™, the reason that a specific pretreatment is needed is a bit technical. 

F2000™ Print
Printed with FBX-100 F2000™ Optimized.

The F2000™ requires one of the lowest ink viscosities in the industry, which enables the printhead to jet the smallest possible ink droplets to deliver high resolution images. In response, FIREBIRD Ink has developed a pretreatment that is highly reactive, maximizing the look of the white ink. This reactivity obtains a high quality print without the need for a lot of pretreat. This is due to the way that a more reactive pretreatment acts upon small ink droplets as they reach the garment’s surface. The pretreatment serves as an inkjet receptive layer on top of the garment, enabling the F2000™ ink to “crash” (converting from liquid to solid) quickly and spread on top of the garment, as opposed to penetrating through it.


FBX-100 Brother® Optimized

If you own a Brother GT-381 or GT-361, the FBX-100 Brother® Optimized Pretreatment offers some of the best prints with minimal staining. Our Brother® Optimized version of FBX-100 is highly concentrated, with a stronger reaction to produce a vibrant white ink laydown. Compared to other printers, the Brother GT-3 series of printers uses a more industrial printhead, with nozzles capable of jetting larger ink droplets. For reasons similar to the need for more reactive pretreat on an F2000™, this requires a stronger pretreatment than is typically available from other brands.

This pretreat also addresses complaints typical of these machines. GT-3 owners have reported “blotchy” and sometimes “greyish” white ink after printing when applying the OEM pretreatment. In addition, the OEM pretreatment has been reported to have a sticky hand feel, with a tendency to stain. The FBX-100 Brother® Optimized pretreatment addresses these issues by fine-tuning the chemistry to react strongly with the white ink, so that it is not necessary to apply nearly as much pretreat onto the garment.


FBX-100 Universal Pretreatment

FBX-100 Universal is best used for all other DTG printer models, including converted photo printers. This is our original formula with patented technology to minimize discoloration. While this pretreatment was originally created to address the stains that made DTG nearly unusable in its early days, FBX-100 is still a top-of-the-line product for the majority of Direct to Garment users. Whether you’re printing on a homemade DIY project, or a professionally built conversions, odds are that this is the best pretreatment for you.


FBX-VIVID Light Garment Pretreatment

While it is not part of the FBX-100 family, FBX-VIVID is still worth mentioning. All three versions of FBX-100 can be used on any colored garment, but do need white ink to react with in order to survive a trip through the wash. For white shirts, or any colored garment that doesn’t require white ink, FBX-VIVID will improve the wash and produce better looking colors. This pretreament in particular also offers great results on less common printing mediums, such as shoes, hats, and canvas.

100% DTG Polyester with FBX-VIVID
White 100% Polyester Printed with FBX-VIVID on a Neoflex.
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