EPSON Compatible DTG White Ink

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Size: 250ml

Legendary FIREBIRD Support
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Improved Color. Improved Durability. Improved Speed.

These are the NEW standards that you will come to expect with FIREBIRD Ink White.

With optimized TiO2 technology that generates intense white underbase and highlight, our white ink elevates your print results to a new standard in washability – incredible durability, even after 60 wash cycles.

Now with only a 60 second white ink cure! Say "goodbye" to waiting 180 seconds in front of your heat press.

•You are purchasing an OEM Direct-To-You (DTY) ink, manufactured in the US. All ink raw materials are sourced in the US, with the highest attention to environmental care.

•You are purchasing a Water-based, pigmented ink that is compatible with Epson(R)-based Direct-To-Garment printers. Print directly onto 100% cotton, 50-50 cotton-polyester blends, along with certain 100% polyester t-shirts, clothing, canvas bags, and more.

•FIREBIRD Ink’s pledge is to deliver the highest quality inks that are meticulously produced, quality controlled, and packed for delivery Direct-To-You (DTY). Our team of chemists and technicians have a combined 30+ years of experience in the water-based pigmented ink industry. Although we are not new to DTG ink production, we are offering our latest formulation of DTG ink directly to you for the very first time.

•Every batch is labeled with the date of manufacture. Seize control of your DTG process.

Compatible With:

All American: Neoflex Anajet: FP-125, Sprint Belquette: Flexi Jet, MOD1 DTG Brand: Kiosk, Kiosk 2, Kiosk 3, HM1, M2, M4, Viper Fast T-Jet: TJet (SDT-1000), TJet 2 (SDT-1200), TJet 3 (SDT-1300), Blazer Pro, TJet Jumbo Free Jet: 330 TX, 500 TX, 700 TX M&R Digital: i-Dot 2100, i-Dot 4200, M-Link OV1 Melco: FP-125, MelcoJet 2010, Melco G2,  Melco G3, MS Brand: MS-Zero, MS-One, MS-Two PolyPrint SA: TexJet, SuperJet Resolute DTG: RJet- Is, RJet – R4, RJet – R5 Sawgrass: Advantage Veloci-Jet: Veloci-Jet MISC: Easy T, Spectra 3000


The EPSON® Compatible DTG White Ink is neither produced nor endorsed by the above listed companies. User assumes liability in using this product. The above listed companies are registered trademarks of the respective companies.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey M.
The white opacity is outstanding combined with FBX-100.

I have been running Firebird white ink for over a year now. The white opacity is outstanding combined with FBX-100. I also love the 60 second cure time on most prints as opposed to 180 on Dupont. I have found that on larger shirt prints I have to cure Dupont for well over 180 seconds (which just bottlenecks the heck out of production) whereas with large prints and Firebird I do 45 seconds twice and I am good. Washability is also seeing to be better and more consistent than Dupont white ink. I was having issues on and off with wash cracking and peeling with Dupont which has not happend much with Firebird aside from me way over pretreating a few shirts. Firebird has a more solid screen printed feel than dupont it just seems like a tougher ink. These are the reasons I have not switched back and I am sticking with Firebird white.

Thank you for such a detailed review.

I love the 60 second dry time.

I have purchased the Epson white compatible ink a couple of times now love it works great on my Epson DIY direct to garment printer it prints bright whites and I love the 60 second dry time.


I am on my third order of white ink from Firebird and could not be more pleased.

I am on my third order of white ink from Firebird and could not be more pleased. The whites are birght, the quick drying time speeds up production and the customer service has been second to none. I could not recommend the product or support more highly.

So glad to hear it!

We couldnt be happier with the results and our customers certainly are pleased.

The brightness of the firebird white, along with the 60 second cure time, are two huge advantages over the dupont ink. We couldnt be happier with the results and our customers certainly are pleased.

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