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New inks

Love that there is another option with great quality on the market for the 1000 inks , at a wayyyy better price!!! Thank you !!! And yes they’re worth it

Save money cleans better! What's not to love

Don't second guess yourself, pull the trigger ... it works as well if not better than the stuff brother wants to sell you.

Great product at great price!!

These inks are just as good as the comparable ones that cost $61. I already placed another order!!

Switch - trust me!

We’re rocking 6 GTX Pro bulks at the moment and we finally made the switch to firebird.

We were nervous at first - it’s a big change, thought a lot of things could go south.

But we were totally wrong and regret not switching earlier! We’ve bought over 400L so far and the quality is superior brother in my opinion. The savings are significant. Make the switch, it’s not difficult at all!

I cant ever go back to Brother inks... (Firebird is too good)

I have 2 brother GTX printers. Our bulk system has been using firebird inks only and has been AMAZING. If you want to know about how the printer handles the inks. It is perfect and I fully stand behind the quality of their inks.

The point I want to make in this review is the look and quality of ink. I have used firebird on my cartridge GTX and then had to go back to brothers inks once I ran out of chips. I literally feel like I can not use that printer any more just because how dull the brother white ink looks (to try to describe it, their white is a little more transparent.) The Firebird inks are a solid white almost like a screenprint. And the reds on the borther inks never give me a actual red color. Brothers inks are kind of dull and give me a magenta red on every color setting. The Firebird inks give me ACTUAL RED.

The last point I want to make is how much ink I use with brother inks vs firebird. I save money and use less ink with firebird. If i were to print a solid white ink graphic. I would use a ink level of 4 with the firebird inks and an ink level of 5 with brothers inks. And the firebird at an ink level of 4 STILL looks better.

I have no affiliation to Firebird. I just thought people might want to hear about this info because I have used their Inks on both the GTX Bulk and GTX Cartridge printers. I also have been screenprinting for 12 years full time and I have ran different DTG machines for 7-8 years full time. This ink is the best I have seen on DTG.


Long story short - Firebird ink prints SO much better than brother inks print. Long story - I have 2 brother GTXs. I switched over to the firebird ink about 1 or 2 years ago. I have been using it ever sense. Right away I noticed the white ink looked much brighter and after it was cured, it still was MUCH brighter. Because of this you do not even have to use as much white with firebird saving you more money.

I recently got a new GTX bulk. It came stocked with brother ink. And i couldn't believe my eyes when I saw just how horrible the Brother ink was compared to Firebird. If the print is pure white, I wont even print it on the brother Ink printer. I save those prints for the printer with Firebird ink. I honestly might just switch the the firebird inks before I run out of the brother ink because after seeing how great Firebird prints... I hate looking at the brother prints.

With all of this said. I realize this might sound like a sales pitch, but I do not know anyone at Firebird. After seeing the difference, and being reminded what brother inks look like compared to Firebird. I had to make this review. I highly suggest upgrading to Bulk. (My new printer is GTX bulk) But as long as you have white ink chips... I would make the switch! (I would always have 2 back up GTX inks just in case)


I really love the film sheets. I am really impressed.

No PT lines or staining

We love NOVA! Other pretreats can leave the nasty pretreat outline or stain but have yet to have that happen with NOVA. We've used it on multiple colors, black, green, navy blue and everything always ends up coming out looking awesome and not stained. Definitely recommend.

Brighter! Cheaper!

I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about this ink. I saw FB at a trade show in Vegas , Erienne was helping me, broke it all down, introduced me to a couple customers at the trade show who were using FB ink as well (big players in the industry / 35 bulks / cut n sew etc) I pulled them to the aside , asked a bunch of questions, loved everything I heard. I purchased a full set up CYMK + WHITE , all all I can say is.. its been the best decision EVER! My whites are much brighter at lower printer setting (5-3) I finally have a true RED / YELLOW! Ink cost are much cheaper than OEM and producing much better prints with FB INK than I did with OEM ink! Thanks for all the help Erienne , you rock!

The BEST Pretreat on the market!

Ever since i discovered Firebird Pretreat a few years ago my prints have really improved because of them! between the great pretreat options themselves to the very helpful T-Shirt Matrix that helps you tremendously! i would recommend them over & over!

Amazing INK

Amazing INK. Amazing customer service, been using this ink for a year and haven't had no problems totally recommend !

Best Pretreatment

I love this pretreatment because you don’t have to measure/mix anything, prints vibrant colors and also the price is right! My number one to go to.

The BEST Pretreat on the market!

i have tried 4 different pretreat companies in my years in the business. This pretreat from Firebird is the BEST i have ever worked with! on top of that their customer service is excellent. Whenever we order the pretreat arrives just a few days later! Highly recommend their products!

Pre Treat

I have tried many different pre treats and always come back to this one.

This is the best!

Best treatment you can get!

Thank you so much for your business, Yianni!

FBX-100 has become a staple in my pretreating process for all colored garments.

FBX-100 has become a staple in my pretreating process for all colored garments. I have found that it has the most consistent results of any other pretreat I have used as far as avoiding stains on shirts. Black shirts were always an issue with shiny box stains but I no longer have that problem with FBX. I also like the fact that it seems to be very clear and a thin forumla so I feel as if it is not going to clog or build up residue in my petreat machine like some other pretreats might. With a high quality shirt (like Next Level Apparel) that requires an low to average amount of pretreat, even red shirts are not staining with FBX once cooled. The wash results are also seeming to be really good. No complaints from customers and I have tested myself with great results.

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Foam Swabs
These foam swabs are perfect

Perfect for cleaning rubber gaskets on the mp10!


We couldnt be happier with the results and our customers certainly are pleased.

The brightness of the firebird white, along with the 60 second cure time, are two huge advantages over the dupont ink. We couldnt be happier with the results and our customers certainly are pleased.

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I am on my third order of white ink from Firebird and could not be more pleased.

I am on my third order of white ink from Firebird and could not be more pleased. The whites are birght, the quick drying time speeds up production and the customer service has been second to none. I could not recommend the product or support more highly.

So glad to hear it!

We will be customers for a long time.

We love using Firebird Light & Dark Pretreat. Its consistent, truly helps reduce the burning, and provides superb vibrant prints when utilized correctly. We will be customers for a long time.

Thank you!

The colors were so vibrant after the print!

The colors were so vibrant after the print!! But what was even better was the fact that after the wash test, the colors looked just as great as when they first went down! Very excited to use this product on my white shirts.

So glad that FBX-VIVID exceeds your needs.

Great price on product.

Huge difference in prints and great price on product.

Thank you!

Washes great and colors are vibrant.

I use this on almost everything. I even use this on Polyester & Blends. Just perfect. Washes great and colors are vibrant. Ordering another 2.5 Gallons. Switched over from Image Armor Ultra. For some reason the smell of it bothered me during application. Not knocking Image Armor as their product is good but darn that odor! This meets all our needs, Thanks FIREBIRD!!

Thank you for choosing FIREBIRD Ink.

I love the 60 second dry time.

I have purchased the Epson white compatible ink a couple of times now love it works great on my Epson DIY direct to garment printer it prints bright whites and I love the 60 second dry time.