DTF Sheets - IHP Instant Hot Peel

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Instant Hot Peel Technology
Film is immediately ready-to-peel once cured!

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Size: A4
Count: 100 Sheets

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Exceptionally Fast, Exceptionally Easy

FIREBIRD IHP DTF transfer sheets bring all the benefits of our conventional DTF films, while dramatically improving throughput by giving you the option to hot-peel, right after curing! Peel confidently and quickly, without the risk of damaging your masterpieces.

No More Powder-Sticking

FIREBIRD Ink recognizes the necessity of immaculate, sharp images. That's why our DTF sheets are meticulously designed to prevent powder-sticking. Cast away worries about unwanted powder residues that tamper with your image quality. Our DTF sheets ensure a clean, precise transfer, upholding the integrity of your designs and keeping the spotlight on your striking images.

Print onto DTF Transfer Film

  1. Load the transfer sheet onto printer-platen, with the matte side facing up. Tip: Always handle film by edges or corners.
  2. Print according to ink manufacturer's recommendations, or rip profile settings.
  3. Remove sheet from platen and prepare for powder-application.
  4. If recommended by your ink manufacturer, let the ink sit for at least 1 minute or hover-press for 15 seconds, before applying powder.

Apply DTF Powder

  1. Apply powder evenly across one end of the printed side of the film.
  2. Lift and allow powder to slowly and evenly slide across the entire sheet.
  3. Gently shake and tap the film from the back, to remove any excess powder.

Note: Our films release the excess powder very easily, so you don't have to shake the film excessively.

Cure Powder onto Printed Film

Cure according to your powder manufacturer's instructions.

  • If using FIREBIRD DTF Powder, cure at 300°F for 60-90 seconds on an IR conveyor, or use a heat-press to hover-cure for 4-5 minutes at 340°F.

Apply Finished DTF Transfer to Garment

  1. Place cured film with printed-side down onto your garment.
  2. Heat-press the film onto garment as follows:
    • 100% Cotton or Cotton-Blend: Light to medium pressure for 8-10 seconds at 300-320°F.
    • 100% Polyester: Light to medium pressure for 10-15 seconds at 280°F.
    • Optional: Press again for 5-10 seconds with Teflon or parchment sheet cover.
  3. Remove garment from heat-press platen.
  4. Peel film from garment. IHP films are instantly ready-to-peel, hot or cold.

Note: For long-term storage of finished DTF Transfer sheets, it is best to keep them away from heat and humidity.

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