Our T-Shirt Matrix serves as a starting point for your printing process. We had samples from different brands tested using the Brother GTX™ printer with the settings of Brightness – 15, Saturation – 15, Contrast – 15. The Highlight – Mask setting is shown in the chart at our best-tested result.

T-Shirt Samples

FIREBIRD GTX™ Optimized GEN3 DTG Pretreatment was applied to each shirt using a Schultze IV Pretreatment Sprayer at various spray amount over a 16″ x 14″ area.

The pretreatment was cured using a Stahls STX20 Heat Press at 356F for 35 seconds with medium pressure (‘4’ setting) and Teflon cover.


The pretreated shirt was then printed using a Brother GTX™ Optimized Printer using various ink laydown settings: 7-3, 6-3, 4-2, etc.

Brother GTX™ Printer

We selected the optimal combination of print vibrancy, discoloration, and wash and presented them on the Matrix.