Direct To Garment DTG Ink – EPSON DTG Compatible

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Color: Cyan
Size: 250ml

Legendary FIREBIRD Support
Our DTG Masters are ready to help you optimize!

FIREBIRD Direct-To-Garment (DTG) ink (CMYK) is compatible with Epson(R)-based Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers. Cure for 60-90 seconds at 345°F with light pressure.

  • MAX VIBRANCY – FIREBIRD inks are pigment-optimized to generate high density color prints. GET BOLD!
  • LONG LIVE COLOR – Engineered to withstand cold & warm water laundry cycles, keep those beautiful prints looking new with each wash.
  • PLUG + PRINT – FIREBIRD inks are colormatched and 100% compatible. Use existing RIP color profiles. No line flushing required when switching over.
  • OEM DIRECT – Shipped directly from the manufacturer. Made in the USA.
Compatible With

All American: Neoflex
Anajet: FP-125, Sprint
Belquette: Flexi Jet, MOD1
DTG Brand: Kiosk, Kiosk 2, Kiosk 3, HM1, M2, M4, Viper
Fast T-Jet: TJet (SDT-1000), TJet 2 (SDT-1200), TJet 3 (SDT-1300), Blazer Pro, TJet Jumbo
Free Jet: 330 TX, 500 TX, 700 TX
M&R Digital: i-Dot 2100, i-Dot 4200, M-Link OV1
Melco: FP-125, MelcoJet 2010, Melco G2,  Melco G3,
MS Brand: MS-Zero, MS-One, MS-Two
PolyPrint SA: TexJet, SuperJet
Resolute DTG: RJet- Is, RJet – R4, RJet – R5
Sawgrass: Advantage
Veloci-Jet: Veloci-Jet
MISC: Easy T, Spectra 3000


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