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DTF Starter Kit

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Size: Kit with 2.2 lbs Powder

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Hit the ground running, with our DTF Starter Kit!

Unleash your creativity with the FIREBIRD DTF Starter Kit, developed by FIREBIRD DTF experts. This comprehensive package includes important tools to produce high-quality Direct-to-Film prints that are sure to make an impression. Whether you're a seasoned print professional or just getting started, our kit is designed to provide you with a streamlined, production-focused experience.

The DTF Starter Kit includes:

  1. FIREBIRD DTF Film Sheets (100 count, 14" x 16"): Perfectly sized for your printing needs, these sheets are designed to deliver vivid color and precise details in every print. Made from premium materials, they ensure the best possible output every time.

  2. FIREBIRD DTF Powder (5.5 lbs): Our uniquely formulated DTF powder ensures strong color adhesion, resulting in prints that are not only vibrant but also long-lasting. It's the perfect companion to our DTF film sheets, offering optimal performance and stunning results.

  3. DTF Application Station (Storage Bin, Lid, Scoop, and Powder Grid): We've assembled these practical accessories tools and accessories, to give you the foundation needed to make your DTF printing journey as smooth as possible.

With the FIREBIRD DTF Starter Kit, you're investing in a toolset that is committed to quality and efficiency. The Powder Grid is the perfect fit for the FIRBIRD's 14"x16" film sheet. Use the Scoop to easily apply the right amount of DTF powder onto the film. When you lift the film to evenly coat the powder onto the printed ink, the excess powder will conveniently collect at the bottom of the Storage Bin. Use the scooper to return excess powder back to the original container. Use the lid to store everything in one convenient station.

(Note: Always follow safety and handling instructions when using DTF products. If you have any questions, our legendary support team is ready to assist you.)

    Print onto FIREBIRD DTF Transfer Film

    1. Load the transfer with the matte side facing up. Tip: Always handle film by edges or corners.
    2. Print according to ink manufacturer's recommendations, or rip profile settings.
    3. Remove from platen and prepare for powder application.
    4. If recommended by your ink manufacturer, let the ink sit for at least 1 minute or hover press for 15 seconds, before adding powder.

    Apply FIREBIRD DTF Powder

    1. Place printed film sheet onto the metal grid within FIRBIRD DTF Transfer Box.
    2. Add powder evenly across one end of the printed side of the film.
    3. Lift and allow powder to slowly and evenly slide across the entire sheet.
    4. Gently shake and tap the film from the back, to remove any excess powder.

    Note: Our films release the excess powder very easily, so you don't have to shake the film excessively.

    Cure Powder onto Printed Film

    1. Cure FIREBIRD DTF Powder onto printed film at 300°F for 60-90 seconds on an IR conveyor, or use a heat-press to hover-cure for 4-5 minutes at 340°F.

    Apply Finished DTF Transfer to Garment

    1. Place cured film with printed-side down onto your garment.
    2. Heat-press the film onto garment as follows:
      • 100% Cotton or Cotton-Blend: Light to medium pressure for 8-10 seconds at 300-320°F.
      • 100% Polyester: Light to medium pressure for 10-15 seconds at 280°F.
      • Optional: Press again for 5-10 seconds with teflon or parchment sheet cover.
    3. Remove garment from heat-press platen.
    4. Allow transfer to slightly cool down before peeling film, or let sit for cold-peel application.

    Note: For long-term storage of finished DTF Transfer sheets, it is best to keep them away from heat and humidity.