FBX STEALTH - Pretreatment for Medium and Dark Colored Garments

Fbx stealth pretreatment benefits

FBX Pro Series

High Throughput, Low Maintenance


Size: 5 Gallons

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FBX STEALTH Pretreatment is one part of FIREBIRD's Pro Series 1-2 punch, formulated for DTG printing onto dark garments. Why "Stealth"? Because the best pretreatment is the one that no one knew was there in the first place. Eliminate the unsightly spray box on black, navy, red, and other dark-colored blanks. Deliver the most premium, retail-ready looking DTG prints. Dial in your spray levels and curing conditions and FBX Stealth will elevate your DTG quality to the next level.

*FBX STEALTH Pretreatment is intended for white ink DTG printing only.


  1. Adjust SPRAY depending on the garment. Our recommended starting point is 20 grams (per 14x16 area). Increase as needed.
  2. CONVEYOR CURE* until damp or semi dry to the touch, at 325-375F for 45-90 seconds. Do not over-dry.
  3. HEAT-PRESS to fully dry and flatten fibers, 315-350F for 10-15 seconds, with 40-70 PSI pressure.

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