5 Amazon Favorites for your Printing Business

5 Amazon Favorites for your Printing Business

Ruby Dann

At FIREBIRD Ink, we are committed to providing cost-saving solutions. We understand the importance of time management and strategic purchasing as a fellow small business, and we strive to offer products and recommendations to improve your efficiency. Here are five Amazon products that will improve the rhythm of your print shop, save you space, and yield better results.

The Flat Top Utility Cart from Stand Steady 

Whether you have a print job with several print locations or multiple projects in the queue, this rolling cart will reduce the hassle and energy. By loading each cart with a different print job, orders can stay organized and separated without exhausting your staff. From pretreating to pulling the printed shirt off the conveyor, these carts can keep your workflow running smoothly.

The Washable Lint Roller from MINRGZEE

Possibly our favorite purchase thus far in 2023, this washable lint roller changes the game. We’ve tried sheet lint rollers, felt rollers, and even tape, but nothing works as well as this washable, adhesive roller. Lint and dust are inevitable, but using this reusable roller saves you time when creating a presentable product for your client. 

The T-Shirt Folding Board from Geniusidea

Speaking of presentable products, if you sell retail-ready apparel, a t-shirt folding board is a must. Anyone can use this tool to produce photo and display-ready shirts. Whether they are going on a retail shelf, social media, or being shipped out to a customer, a folding board will up your game. If you have a set vision for your small business, simple tools like this will help you achieve the look.

The Stackable Storage Bins from the Skywin Store

Though we got our organization bins from Uline, Amazon has some great options as well. These stackable, plastic storage bins are essential for shirt organization. If you keep inventory of different garment styles, these bins fit perfectly into cubed shelves so you can separate your brands. They feature a cut-out in the front so you can quickly grab whatever is needed for your on-demand order. 

The Laser Thermometer from Masione

We have mentioned this tool before, but it is an absolute staple in DTG printing. To measure the temperature of your ink on a conveyor dryer, use this infrared thermometer to scan the print at different points in the conveyor drying process. It will ensure that your inks are properly cured according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which guarantees that your customer will not experience issues when they go to wash the shirt. 

These five products will seriously upgrade your current print shop processes. Let us know if you have any product recommendations to share, as we would love to feature a Customers’ Favorites piece soon! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok.

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