FBX-NOVA Universal DTG Pretreatment

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Size: 1 Gallon

Note: The Wrench for 2.5-Gallon & 5-Gallon bottles is now available!

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The Most Efficient DTG Pretreatment in the Universe

Revamp your workflow with FBX-NOVA Universal DTG Pretreatment:

  • wider application window: spray on hoodies, tri-blends, and CVCs, with colors not previously possible in DTG*
  • incredible vibrancy, beyond any of our previous DTG spray formulations
  • less stickiness, staining, and fiber issues
  • helps reduce pretreatment sprayer equipment maintenance
  • start spraying immediately, no mixing required
  • compatible with FIREBIRD, Brother, Epson, Dupont, Kodak, and Ricoh inks
  • 2-year shelf-life

*FBX-NOVA Universal DTG Pretreatment is intended for white ink DTG printing only. For prints without white ink, we recommend using FBX Ghost - Pretreatment for White, Light and Medium Colored Garments.


  1. Spray-pretreat* your garment.
  2. Prior to printing, dry FBX-NOVA at 330°F for 20-40 seconds with medium pressure, or until steam dissipates.
  3. Once printed, cure according to your ink manufacturer's specifications.

*Refer to the FBX-NOVA T-Shirt Matrix for spray recommendations and helpful tips for applying pretreatment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
FBX Nova

I love the feel of the shirt when pretreated with NOVA

Jessica C.
Firebird is the best

10/10 recommend. Firebird pretreat is the only pretreat we use. Their staff and support is impeccable, they have great knowledge of the industry. We have never had any issues with staining, pretreat squares, etc. Educate your staff and your customers and you will have great success with this product too!

Jon D.
Great PT

Great stuff. Doesn't stain as bad as other PT. Use this with confidence.

Ryan C.
FBX vs Brother

We have been using FBX-NOVA Universal DTG Pretreatment for about two years now I believe? We have less PT box issues and have a better price point that when we used brother's PT for about a year.

Glen S.
Nova is good

Nova is cool but if i was able to use ghost on everything i would.