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DTF Powder


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Size: 2.2 lbs

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FIREBIRD Ink DTF Powder, is specifically designed to make your DTF printing processes more efficient, cleaner, and high performing.

Enables Highly Opaque White-Ink Prints

One of the most outstanding features of our new DTF Powder is the highly opaque white-ink laydown it enables. This product allows for a dense and uniform layer of white ink, ensuring that the colors printed on top are brilliantly vibrant and truly stand out. The high opacity achieved creates prints that are vivid, rich, and maintain their integrity even on dark substrates.

Non-Clumping Consistency

The non-clumping formula of our DTF Powder ensures smooth application and exceptional performance. The consistent texture helps to prevent clogs and promote the longevity of your prints, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of your inks and improving the overall print quality.

Medium-Coarse Grade

Our DTF Powder boasts a medium-coarse grade that optimizes adhesion and absorption, enhancing color saturation and fine-line detail. The balanced texture improves the depth and density of your prints, producing results that are intricately detailed and visually stunning.

Easy-Pour Bottle

Dispensing the DTF Powder is a breeze, thanks to our easy-pour bottle. Its ergonomic design allows for precision and control, minimizing mess and waste. With this thoughtful feature, refilling becomes a simple, clean, and efficient process.