Brother GTX Pro Bulk (Used) - Preloaded with FIREBIRD Ink


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Used GTX Pro Bulk printers preloaded with FIREBIRD Ink. Realize the savings and improved quality trusted by some of the leading and most trusted DTG printshops.

QA Tested & Ready

These used printers are QA tested by FIREBIRD DTG Masters, to deliver clean nozzle checks. They deliver fully-assembled, plug & print ready.

Included Items

  • Used Brother GTX Pro Bulk DTG Printer
  • Preloaded FIREBIRD Ink GTX Compatible Ink:
    • 8L of White Ink
    • 4L of Cyan Ink
    • 4L of Magenta Ink
    • 4L of Yellow Ink
    • 4L of Black Ink
  • Printer Stand Assembly
  • Printer Platen: 14″ x 16″ (35,6cm x 40,6cm)
  • Complimentary Freight

Brother® GTX™ and pro B™ / Pro Bulk are registered trademarks of Brother International Corporation and have not produced, endorsed, warrantied, or approved the use of FIREBIRD Ink's third-party ink, pretreatment, and/or cleaning solutions which are non-genuine OEM products. FIREBIRD Ink will fully support and guarantee your 100% satisfaction, as we do with all of our products.

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Size 70” x 51” x 48” (1780mm x 1300mm x 1210mm) *with recommended stand proBdimensionsNewNumbers
Weight Approx. 364 lbs (165kg) including platen *not including stand
Max. Platen Specs Maximum Print Size is 16″ x 21″ 40,6cm x 53,3cm
Included Platen 14″ x 16″ (35,6cm x 40,6cm)
Ink Capacity 7.2 L white ink tank and 4.3L CMYK ink tanks.
Print Head Configuration 2 print heads: 1 for White Inks; 1 for CMYK Inks
Print Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
Print Modes Single or double CMYK. Underbase and highlight for white.
Data Connectivity USB, File Output, LAN
Power Supply AC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Power Consumption 0.8A(average) (Reference: 0.4A – during circulation)

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For ongoing support with FIREBIRD Ink GTX Compatible Inks, please contact our DTG specialists.

FIREBIRD's DTG Ink compatible with Brother GTX is a third-party ink, which is a non-genuine OEM product.