FIREBIRD GTX™ T-Shirt Matrix

Samples were printed with a Brother GTX™ using: Brightness 15, Saturation 15, Contrast 15 and the Highlight/Mask in the chart.

Shirts were pretreated with a Schulze Pretreatmaker IV on a 14″ by 16″ area using our GTX™ Optimized DTG Pretreatment.

The T-Shirt Matrix is meant to serve as a starting point. Testing is encouraged. For instructions on dialing in the settings unique to your shop, be sure to check out our guide on How to Perform Your Own Pretreatment Tests.

BrandStyleColorPrint Vibrancy Discoloration Washability Highlight-MaskGrams Used
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Sunset dtg Heather Prism Sunset5557-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Maize Yellow dtg Maize Yellow5556-317
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Light Blue dtg Light Blue5555-317
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Leaf dtg Leaf5556-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Kelly dtg Kelly5556-321
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Gold dtg Gold5556-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Forest dtg Forest5557-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Evergreen dtg Evergreen5556-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Deep Teal dtg Deep Teal5457-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Maroon dtg Maroon5558-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Dark Grey dtg Dark Grey5458-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Charity Pink dtg Charity Pink5556-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Cardinal Red dtg Cardinal Red5458-323
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Canvas Red dtg Canvas Red5557-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Burnt Orange dtg Burnt Orange5457-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Brown dtg Brown5558-319
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Berry dtg Berry5557-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Baby Blue dtg Baby Blue5556-215
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Coral dtg Coral5556-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Athletic Heather dtg Athletic Heather5556-316
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Mauve dtg Mauve5556-321
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Mint dtg Mint5556-317
Bella + Canvas3001Bella True Royal dtg True Royal5558-319
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan royal dtg Royal5558-325
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Tan dtg Tan5555-215
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Sunset dtg Sunset5556-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Steel Blue dtg Steel Blue5456-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Soft Pink dtg Soft Pink5555-316
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Soft Cream dtg Soft Cream5555-315
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Silver dtg Silver5556-314
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Military Green dtg Military Green5457-319
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Rust dtg Rust5556-321
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Pink dtg Pink5556-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Pebble Brown dtg Pebble Brown5556-319
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Orange dtg Orange5557-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Olive dtg Olive5456-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Ocean Blue dtg Ocean Blue5557-320
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Navy dtg Navy5558-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Natural dtg Natural5555-217
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Red dtg Red5458-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Turquoise dtg Turquoise5458-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Asphalt dtg Asphalt5456-315
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Army dtg Army5556-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Light Pink dtg Light Pink5558-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Light Blue dtg Light Blue5458-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan kiwi dtg Kiwi5557-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan kelly dtg Kelly5557-328
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan irish green dtg Irish Green5556-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan iris dtg Iris5558-321
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan ice dtg Ice Grey5455-215
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Heliconia dtg Heliconia5458-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Lime dtg Lime5556-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan gold dtg Gold5556-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan daisy dtg Daisy5556-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan cornsilk dtg Cornsilk5556-321
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan carolina blue dtg Carolina Blue5557-323
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan cardinal red dtg Cardinal Red5558-328
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan ash grey dtg Ash Grey5555-215
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan royal dtg Antique Royal5458-327
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan irish green dtg Antique Irish Green5558-325
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Galapagos dtg Galapagos Blue5558-323
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Ash dtg Ash5555-214
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Metro Blue dtg Metro Blue5457-321
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Navy dtg Navy5558-327
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Aqua dtg Aqua5456-319
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Oxblood Black dtg Oxblood Black5558-323
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Black dtg Black5558-323
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Vegas Gold dtg Vegas Gold5556-323
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Tan dtg Tan5555-220
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Stone Blue dtg Stone Blue5455-219
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Sport Grey dtg Sport Grey5556-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Natural dtg Natural5555-215
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Sky dtg Sky5555-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Sand dtg Sand5556-218
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Purple dtg Purple5556-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Prairie Dust dtg Prairie Dust5556-320
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Pistachio dtg Pistachio5557-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Orchid dtg Orchid5458-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Orange dtg Orange5558-325
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Olive dtg Olive5557-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Sapphire dtg Sapphire5458-328
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Yellow dtg Yellow5556-317
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Team Purple dtg Team Purple5556-322
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Navy dtg Navy5558-324
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Yellow dtg Yellow5556-319
LAT6901LAT 6901 Light Blue dtg Light Blue55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Maroon dtg Maroon55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Navy dtg Navy55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Orange dtg Orange55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Sand dtg Sand5555-318
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Lime dtg Lime5456-319
LAT6901LAT 6901 Pink dtg Pink55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Pebble dtg Pebble5556-320
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Pale Pink dtg Pale Pink5556-319
LAT6901LAT 6901 Purple dtg Purple55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Natural dtg Natural5555-215
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Maroon dtg Maroon5558-323
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Light Blue dtg Light Blue5556-321
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Pink dtg Pink5557-320
LAT6901LAT 6901 Raspberry dtg Raspberry55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Black dtg Black55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Ash dtg Ash55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Brown dtg Brown55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Butter dtg Butter55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Caribbean dtg Caribbean55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Carolina Blue dtg Carolina Blue55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Chill dtg Chill55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Cobalt dtg Cobalt55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Forest dtg Forest55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Garnet dtg Garnet55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Gold dtg Gold55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Heather dtg Heather55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Hot Pink dtg Hot Pink55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Indigo dtg Indigo55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Kelly dtg Kelly55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Apple dtg Apple55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Kelly Green dtg Kelly Green5556-322
LAT6901LAT 6901 Key Lime dtg Key Lime55
LAT6901LAT 6901 Red dtg Red55
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Dusty Blue dtg Heather Prism Dusty Blue5457-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Ice Blue dtg Heather Prism Ice Blue5556-323
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Gold dtg Gold5556-321
LAT6901LAT 6901 Royal dtg Royal55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Carolina Blue dtg Carolina Blue5557-322
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Lilac dtg Heather Prism Lilac5556-323
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Mint dtg Heather Prism Mint5556-322
LAT6901LAT 6901 Yellow dtg Yellow55
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Daffodil Yellow dtg Daffodil Yellow5556-319
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Deep Forest dtg Deep Forest5558-323
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Ash dtg Ash5556-215
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Aquatic Blue dtg Aquatic Blue5556-323
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Deep Red dtg Deep Red5558-324
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Deep Royal dtg Deep Royal5557-325
LAT6901LAT 6901 Silver dtg Silver55
Bella + Canvas3001Bella 3001 Heather Prism Peach dtg Heather Prism Peach5557-322
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Blue Horizon dtg Blue Horizon5458-319
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan chestnut dtg Chestnut5548-325
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan cherry dtg Cherry Red5448-327
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan azalea dtg Azalea5447-325
LAT6901LAT 6901 Charcoal dtg Charcoal44
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan blue dusk dtg Blue Dusk5447-323
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan cherry red dtg Antique Cherry Red5448-328
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan black dtg Black5548-327
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Mint Green dtg Mint Green5548-328
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan charcoal dtg Charcoal4448-322
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Tangerine dtg Tangerine5547-323
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Storm dtg Storm4346-315
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Black dtg Black5548-326
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Light Steel dtg Light Steel5448-318
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Military Green dtg Military Green5548-325
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan indigo dtg Indigo Blue5448-322
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Dark Chocolate dtg Dark Chocolate5548-324
LAT6901LAT 6901 Turquoise dtg Turquoise544
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan forest dtg Forest5548-327
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Texas Orange dtg Texas Orange5547-326
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan jade dome dtg Jade Dome5546-327
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Smoke Grey dtg Smoke Grey5348-318
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Black Heather dtg Black Heather4548-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan dark chocolate dtg Dark Chocolate5548-327
LAT6901LAT 6901 Military Green dtg Military Green54
GildanUltra Cotton 2000gildan Maroon dtg Maroon5548-328
Bella + Canvas3001Bella Teal dtg Teal5447-319
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Cardinal dtg Cardinal5448-324
GildanUltra Cotton 2000red gildan ultra cotton Red5548-327
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Wow Pink dtg Wow Pink
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Vintage Grey dtg Vintage Grey
Anvil780Anvil Lemon Zest dtg Lemon Zest
Anvil780Anvil Kelly Green dtg Kelly Green
Anvil780Anvil Independence Red dtg Independence Red
Anvil780Anvil Hot Pink dtg Hot Pink
Anvil780Anvil Heather Grey dtg Heather Grey
Anvil780Anvil green apple dtg Green Apple
Anvil780Anvil charcoal dtg Charcoal
Anvil780Anvil carribean blue dtg Carribean Blue
Anvil780Anvil ash dtg Ash
Anvil780Anvil black dtg Black
Anvil780Anvil Pool Blue dtg Pool Blue
Anvil780Anvil Red dtg Red
Anvil780Anvil Royal Blue dtg Royal Blue
Anvil780Anvil Orange dtg Orange
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Athletic Orange dtg Athletic Orange
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Charisma Coral dtg Charisma Coral
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Clean Mint dtg Clean Mint
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Denim Blue dtg Denim Blue
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Fatigue Green dtg Fatigue Green
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Lavender dtg Lavender
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Orange dtg Orange
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Palace Blue dtg Palace Blue
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Purple dtg Purple
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Sapphire dtg Sapphire
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Shamrock Green dtg Shamrock Green
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Stonewashed Blue dtg Stonewashed Blue
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Stonewashed Green dtg Stonewashed Green
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Teal dtg Teal
HanesTagless 5250Hanes Tagless Candy Orange dtg Candy Orange
Anvil780Anvil Navy dtg Navy